Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's going on with the biggest bird.

Another thing going on in our lives right now revolves around the biggest bird. It's been a bit of a concern so I haven't spoken much about it. Tomorrow though, could be a very good day, or not.

A few months ago, he came to us complaining of joint pain. Followed by back and chest pain. Some at night, but most of it was during the day. We chalked it up to being growing pains and gave him something, told him to rest and go lay down, take it easy. The complaints kept filing in. He also started to complain of stomach pain, the kind where you feel constipated but he was going just fine. I wasn't sure what to think.

I would tell him, I'll make a Dr appt. He'd be fine, I'd forget. Then one day he came home from school, near tears telling me how much his knees hurt after running. I said that was it, sat down and made an appointment to get him into his doctor right away.

Well, we went in and they did an x-ray of his chest since that was a big complaint area but also because they didn't want to introduce him to so much radiation by doing it to every joint. They also did a blood panel. Before we left, we found out he was slightly anemic but that was it. We'd know more in 2 days.

Those two days went by and the Doctor called me. One part of his test came back negative, another part came back that he was ANA positive. It could be nothing, it could be something very serious. Tomorrow, October 16th, we are going to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for an appointment with the pediatric Rheumatology department. Since the test came back ANA positive and him having the joint pain, his doctor told us it was very important for us to get in and be seen.

So the appointment will last up to 2 hours and possibly even longer. We have not sat him down to really talk about all of what is going on because we don't want to scare him. On our way there, we will have a nice long talk about everything. It's hard having to tell a 7 year old what could possibly be going on with him when at the same time you're telling him, it may not even be anything. But he knows about the appointment, he has a general idea of why because of all the pain he's had lately.

It's hard to protect them when you have to be honest about something like this. Especially with him, he's such a sensitive soul that I don't want to worry him. However, I know once we start talking, there will be worry and fear. I'll do everything I can to eliminate it.

So, please keep him in your thoughts. Hope that it's nothing and that he'll be okay. I've worried so much over this. I just want him to be okay.

A website on explaining ANA positive and what it could possibly be.

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  1. http://www.patient.co.uk/health/systemic-lupus-erythematosus-leaflet

    We are looking into this as possible Dx for Sam. Maybe, just maybe this read could benefit you? Those symptoms sound awfully familiar to me.